I Am A Million Broken Pieces Creating A Whole


This image is of a Hindu goddess named Akhilandeshvari, whose name translates to “she who is never not broken.”
Without even knowing much about her mythology, I realized recently I have been living and telling the story of Akhilandeshvari for many years. You see, She represents the parts of ourselves that are not keeping it all together, the parts that are ripped open by loss and grief leaving us utterly transformed by the brilliance and resilience of our own light. She is also riding on the back of a crocodile which suggests courage to conquer all fears. Her image really resonates with me for what I see is that Her cracks reveal the magnificence of Her light. I truly believe that it is when we plunge (or are plunged) into our woundedness, our brokenness, we open to grace and in these moments we are cradled in the arms of God.

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The wing of my heart – my journey of discovering unattended grief in the physical body


My story begins in a seated pose; my head stacked over shoulders stacked over hips, calm and unsuspecting of the ghost in my left shoulder. You see, I’d been on retreat in Maui now for several days. I’d truly arrived, my soul had caught up with my body and I found myself steeped in the practice of morning meditation.

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