Seattle Yoga News - Teacher Spotlight

#1 What inspired you to become a yoga teacher?
I have spent many years as a massage therapist exploring the body, many years as a priestess exploring the spirit and different forms of prayer and have always been an admirer of dance and the way the body moves. Yoga to me feels like a combination of all these great passions of mine. My practice has always been the times I felt most alive and in love with the moment. My critical voice was silenced and I loved the way my body felt. I was called to teach and share my experience with others and to be an example that every body is beautiful and should be honored for its strength, resilience and utter amazingness.

#2 What is one piece of advice you always give your students?
If you want to truly start a revolution, forgive yourself and really love yourself and teach that to your kids. If we can forgive and love ourselves, we can then truly forgive and love others. If we all focus on forgiveness and love and the power dynamic of the world will shift dramatically.

#3 Describe your yoga philosophy?
I believe in the sacred and the profane. I am irreverent in my reverence for this wild life. I am a true Bhakti and Tantric yogini in that I am foul mouthed and open hearted. I believe in equality and love and truth seeking. I believe we are all teachers and there is no better guru than the one inside you. We are sacred mirrors to each other. I believe mythology and storytelling is a wonderful way to connect to each other and understand our most shiny selves as well as our shadows. I believe we never stop learning.

#4 If you could practice with anyone dead or alive, who would that be and why?
Martin Luther King Jr and Bernie Sanders because they are my two heroes fighting for justice and equality. They are both powerful voices for the voiceless and they both embody my patron goddess Durga.

#5 How lucky are you and why?
So lucky. This life is a gift. I have so much love in my life and I have the support of the most amazing Kula and deep wild sisterhood that pulls me through any hardship.

#6 If you could be an animal or a plant, which one would you be and why?
I suppose a bird because the freedom of flying looks very enticing to me and ever since I was a little girl I have always thought that flight is the best superpower.

#7  What is your latest favorite thing about humanity?
I have never been very political until this year and the community coming together to support Bernie Sanders for president has been absolutely life changing for me. I believe we are witnessing the rise of the divine feminine with great value for the earth, environment and all of the people. I am so excited and impressed how his campaign has brought the young and old together in the fight to end oppression and bring the power back to the all encompassing power of LOVE.

#8 Anything else you’d like the local yoga community to know about you?
I am a deep believer that we can create the world we wish to see. That we are the ones we have been waiting for. We were made for these times and we will see the power of love prevail.
Bio: Terilyn is all about COMMUNITY! This passion and commitment shines through in every class that she teaches and in her every interaction. She teaches from the belief that yoga is a dance with the Divine, a dance for all; big and small people, old and young, rich, poor, straight and gay, all races, all religions, all levels, EVERY BODY. Terilyn’s classes are infused with mythology, poetry, fun music and humor. Her authentic love of people creates an inclusive environment for EVERY BODY where each student feels equally welcome and valued.